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All Hail The Cyberbully-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump

All Hail The Cyberbully-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump

The past 160 days, our country has been in a constant state of emergency. Why you ask, the electoral college elected a man who has no governmental experience, lacks the decency that comes with the highest office in the land, and simply put, does not give a damn about who or what he offends. This is not normal. This is not presidential. This is not the America we know.

For many of us who did not vote for Trump, it was his behavior during the presidential campaign and sheer lack of competence that served as a warning of what could come if we checked that blue circle beside his name on the election ballot. For others, they believed that his behavior although unruly was merely a tactic to get him into office and would quail once the presidential oath was administered. They were wrong, and now we all have to pay the price for their poor judgment.  Not only has Trump’s action shown he is highly incompetent (I mean really, who enacts Travel ban 1.0 without informing anyone at Homeland Security?) he also lacks diplomacy as evidenced through his barrage of tweets.

Whether we examine the tweets of May 12th where Trump claimed to have tapes against fired FBI Director Comey only to admit 45 days later there were in fact no tapes, or the tweet on June 29th where Trump tweets a sexist attack against MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski claiming she was bleeding badly from a facelift, one thing that cannot be denied is the behavior of the man elected on November 8th has no place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. What makes his tweets even more alarming is that his wife, Melania has stated that her platform as First Lady will address cyberbullying. If that is the case, girl, please get your husband because he is the biggest cyber bully of all time! In all seriousness, we as Americans should all be alarmed. We cannot run behind the narrative that the media has attacked his presidency and therefore he is attacking back, or the other fallacy that purports the President is using Twitter as a platform because he wants to reach a wider audience. No. This is not how our democracy operates and it is definitely not the behavior displayed by the holder of the highest office in the land.

What Trump and his administration must understand and understand quickly is his behavior continues to deepen a divide within our nation and our democracy. Surprise Mr. President, you are not Wolverine, which means your “powers” are not regenerative. Once you lose the trust of the American people it is gone. Furthermore, once diplomacy and legitimacy are compromised, it is a challenge to try and regain it. Feel free to reference any third world country who has suffered from civil unrest as an illustration of the uphill battle faced after destroying democracy. We are living in very dark times where the President of the free world threatens a witness of a Federal investigation, demeans the First Amendment through a series of attacks against the media, and displays a pattern of misogynist behavior against women all while using 140 characters or less. To add insult to injury, Trump enables his over 32 million followers to follow suit in attacking whoever his target is for that day by either “liking” or “retweeting” their disparaging responses. No, this is not the actions of a 16-year-old in High school, but America’s President.

For those amongst us who continue to tolerate, defend, or support the unpresidential behavior of the president, you are part of the problem. If you cheered and applauded as protestors were physically assaulted at Trump’s rally, you my friend are too part of the problem. The behavior of Trump goes well beyond his tweets, it seeps into the core of our democracy and erodes away our fundamental principles as a nation. Whether we sit on the left-side or right-side of the aisle, we have to start holding Trump accountable for his actions or go down in history as the people who enabled the most powerful cyber bully in modern history. The choice is yours.

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